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This app is pretty good. I mean its not really VITAL but its nice to be able to download an app on the go thanks to installer.


Aug 2, 2007
I think it's quite possibly the greatest improvement to the iPhone yet. From the Installer, I get my VNSea to be able to remote my home PC and view my webcam, Voice Notes to make reminders, pig shooter because it's soo cool, sketches because it's soo cool too, Tapp Tapp revolution, I could go on.
I was one of the few that waited a couple weeks and then updated to 1.1.1, thinking that the new firmware would be hacked really quick. I was wrong, but in the meantime, I got to test out the new firmware and put it through it's paces. In the end, it nothing spectacular at all. TV out was about the biggest thing for me because I would be able to run it to my entertainment system in my truck. Of course waiting till the cables are available makes it rather difficult to use. I really missed all the things I was able to do with the programs listed above and then some. I have been in the position where I NEEDED to VNSea to my home PC to mail something out I didn't have on me and would be days before I would be able to access my home PC through normal means. VoiceNotes is a great little tool when you're wanting to remember something on the go.
In all honesty, I customizing is not really my thing, but communication is, and I like being connected all the time. If I ever lost my phone, I would pretty much have a meltdown due to the information I would lose as well as the accessability to the web and email. Installer is just another extension of all that. I can download what I need, generally when I need it. Great app!


New Member
Aug 11, 2007
Seeing as Installer is what installs all other apps, it's basically the... almighty overlord of native apps.