Installer Help Needed...


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Jan 30, 2008
I know that n00bs are really annoying, but I've tried everything possible... I read the FAQ, and touchdev is down. I need some help.

I got my iPod Touch two days ago. I successfuly downgraded to 1.1.1 from 1.1.3 and I installed Installer.
I used because and wouldn't load.
So now I need SSH, correct?
I've read everything possible and I can't seem to get any help... I have Community Sources, but everything I've been told should be available for download is not.
Everything says "install this" but does say HOW, what to type in, etc. I need steps, here...
Also, Installer often freezes when it's "refreshing sources" and I have to restart and try again... sometimes several times before it works.

When I start my Installer, it says I have no sources or something to that effect...

I'm leeching internet from my Mac wirelessly while it's on ethernet.
I tried Installer on public wifi and it didn't help at all.

Here are pictures of what I'm seeing, hopefully it'll help:

"Featured" is blank.

All packages (none of which are downloadable, I've tried):




If anyone can tell me what to do... either what's wrong or what I'm doing wrong, I'd be VERY grateful! Thank you.
Feb 1, 2008
i'm wondering if you did anything after you went to
since nothing else is needed the touch should have been jailbroken @ that point and you had 1 extra icon named installer.
i'd probably try my jailbreak again because it may not have worked correctly?
i've had my jailbreak problems lol but realised i didn't have to do all that dos stuff.