Interesting iPhone problem today

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New Member
Jun 24, 2007
I went ot make a call this morning and I could see the call going through but couldn't hear anything. So I ran to the Apple store to get a new phone because I was missing businesss calls so I needed a new phone.

So I tell the Apple "genius" whats going on..that my phone stopped working this he asks me....if I made an appointment...I was like, sorry I didn't know yesterday that my phone was going to quit working today. He's telling me I would have to come back wed.

So he finally got a manager and she said she would fit me in. It was kind of like going to the doctor without an appointment...wait wait wait finally I got another Genius this guys was cool...he nailed the problem right off.

A piece of debris feel into the headphone jack and the iPhone thought i had headphones plugged he took a can of air...blew it out and bingo!

Maybe it's been posted before bit this is the first time I've heard of this happening.

Zachary Vex

New Member
Jun 30, 2007
I had that exact problem a few weeks ago. I fixed it by plugging in and unplugging my headphone cord a few times to disloge whatever was causing it to not work.

I had a different problem yesterday... my headphones were plugged in and sound continued from the phone's earpiece instead. I had to shut down and restart the iPhone to clear that problem.