Interview and shout-out to EI!

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New Member
Jun 6, 2007
Hey guys! As you know I have been outside the Apple store since 12pm yesterday, and I got interviewed (again). For those living in socal watch channel 9 news at 10pm and channel 2 at 11pm. I can't respond because I have been using this crappy sidekick. Tell me how the interview was. I gave a shoutout to you guys. I hope they don't edit that out. Cya soon.

--Don (reporting from Apple Pasadena)
May 6, 2007
United States
Hey guys, I am back to post every once in a while. I was a little busy, and I wasn't able to post for a while, but I was able to look at the topics briefly, occasionally.

I am not in that area but would love to see that interview. Can you find some way to upload it or post it?


P.S. Did anyone notice that EI was mentioned in a USA Today article today?