Introduction and MobileMe question


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Mar 27, 2009
Hi folks, my name is Don and I'm fairly new to the iPhone game. My wife gave me the phone as a birthday gift a few weeks ago. I love her just a little bit more, what a fantastic product, I love it!

Anyway, I have been pestering my IT department at work since day 1 to get me synced with my work mail and calendar. I keep getting told that they don't support iPhones, only BBs. Bah!

My work uses Outlook and I can access it on-line using a pin code and a random-generated 6 digit security token.

My question is can I get synced with my iPhone using MobileMe and not involving my IT BB goofs? If so, can I get some step by step instructions please. I have a MAC at home and the PC with Outlook at work.

I'm obviously lacking the technical skills you guys have so please don't tell me to do a search. I've done that and read about 15 pages but still can't seem to get where I want. Sorry for the newb question, I hope I can contribute more as I get more used to this.

Terrific forum btw, outstanding information. Cheers.


Jan 8, 2009
There are instructions on how to set up MM on your phone, a PC and a Mac on the mobileme page. Step by step instructions. it's really pretty simple. The thing is, it will only check mail sent to your address. So you would need to have your work email forwarded to your address to pick up your work mail on your phone.

FWIW, there are some pretty exchange skilled people here, why not post up a question on how to get your exchange set up on your iPhone, maybe they can help you out, if your IT dept is a bunch of boneheads.


Sep 10, 2007
Yeah, in order to get your work email on your phone, you'll probably have to use the exchange server suppor built-into the iPhone OS as opposed to mobile me. But not all exchange servers will work... Depends on how they've set up the security, I think.

It may be a case where your IT guys just don't know iPhone supports exchange. If you think this might be the case, I would show them the email setup screen on the iPhone and ask them to at least give it a shot.


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Mar 28, 2009
Questions about mobileme

hi .. i just got my new iPhone and am quite new with it , i would like to know about mobileme .. i want to sign up for it which only give up to 60days free trial.. So after 60days have been used up and i have to pay $148SGD , would i still be able to keep my account and download free applications from iTunes after 60days of free trial?


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Jul 10, 2007
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It's very possible that your company only support BBs. The BB mechanism and Exchange Activesync, which the iPhone supports, are very different. The fact that you can access Outlook Web Access (OWA) with a PIN and such probably means your company has some type of SSL VPN. They don't allow access to OWA outside of the company network. I think you're stuck unless you want to carry two phones. Also, if they do allow Exchange Activesync outside of the company network, it could be restricted to certain users. That's how I did it at my last job.