iO6 - Should I upgrade?

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by Sanjeev, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Sanjeev

    Sanjeev Member

    I have 4S and operating system 5.1.1. Is it possible to upgrade to iO6? And would it be wise to do so?
  2. Iloveiphones

    Iloveiphones Genius

    Yes, of course! It's highly recommended you do!

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  4. MADTJ

    MADTJ New Member

    It's not out yet. I think it will rollout by Wednesday 19th. I do not know what time it will come out tho.
  5. Sanjeev

    Sanjeev Member

    Thanks for your reply. But I am concerned with Maps... I would like to explore the Map service offered by Apple but at the same time I don't want to lose Google Maps. Can I keep both maps?
  6. Munchkinsdad

    Munchkinsdad New Member

    iOS 6 is really nice. It's not earth shattering, but some of the changes, especially maps, is great! I've been using the new maps for a couple of months now and it's very smooth. I have heard some people say its terrible but my experience with it has been the total opposite. I would get so agitated with google maps! iOS 6 maps has worked so much better for me. Sure, it's still in beta, it can only get better.
  7. Target

    Target Evangelist

    I'm having the same thoughts: since google maps and you tube were part the iOS, when you upgrade the iOS to 6, will they be removed? I'm not yet convinced they'll stay.


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  8. Munchkinsdad

    Munchkinsdad New Member

    Yes, both are removed. But you can get the stand alone YouTube app. It's quite nice
  9. Target

    Target Evangelist

    I already downloaded the YouTube app. It's good. I use maps several times a day. So I'm hoping to have a good experience like you.


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  10. jpmihalk

    jpmihalk Member

    iOS6 runs quite nicely on the 4S. I would definitely recommend the upgrade!
  11. Mthoroughbred

    Mthoroughbred Contributor

    No you cannot. Once you update google maps and YouTube are gone. I downloaded the GM version on my iPhone 4. One thing I have noticed was that the colors seemed to be enhanced specially dark black colors maybe its just me
  12. 4sYido

    4sYido New Member

    I'll echo that, the stand alone YouTube app is better than what's on the iOS5
  13. ckpatel24

    ckpatel24 New Member

    Yes upgrade to ios 6 GM, i have it on my 4S and it is amazing! the panorama photos is real cool! my fav feature is the navigation and the photostream!
  14. Mthoroughbred

    Mthoroughbred Contributor

    I may be off topic but I'm kind of glad that the YouTube app and google maps have been removed. Cause now google can actually update YouTube without having to do it through a firmware update. And for those that have an iPhone 4 or will get one now that they'll be free through new contract maybe google will release a stand alone google maps app with turn by turn in the App Store. Maybe.
  15. Sanjeev

    Sanjeev Member

    Yes I also have same feeling that google may launch their standalone google map application in the application store.

    But how and when can I upgrade to iO6? When I go to settings and look for upgrade my phone says my operating system is up to date! Which is ver 5.1.1.
  16. Mthoroughbred

    Mthoroughbred Contributor

    The update will be released this coming Wednesday September 19 over the air or using a computer.
  17. bballrob

    bballrob Evangelist

    I think I'll hold out for the jailbreak first. Hope it doesn't take them too long.
  18. gadgetgal

    gadgetgal Member

    Totally! I always update my current device and then usually have the latest one right after. This time is different.
    I'm not eligible for a full discount upgrade until next year, so I will be using my 4S for a while yet, so heck yeah I'm updating my software!
  19. Sanjeev

    Sanjeev Member

    The maps application released by Apple is functional all over the world? I mean it has maps for USA only in the starting phase or they cover whole world? Hopefully it's a full fledged application.
  20. islam gamiel

    islam gamiel New Member

    i think it's Great iOS
  21. Sanjeev

    Sanjeev Member

    I have read on the net there are many features in it but 40 of them are worth using. Can I upgrade through iTunes on my laptop?

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