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Discussion in 'iOS Software' started by Apple4me, Oct 13, 2011.

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    I was hoping to see the same notifications on the lock screen that you see when you swipe down in an open screen. However, it appears that only "new" alerts appear on the lock screen. I want to see all of my open email, calendar, etc. on the lock screen as well as alerts so that I don't have to unlock and swipe down every time I want to see if I have new emails and what's on my calendar. I can't believe that Apple couldn't implement this feature (aka jailbreak lockinfo) in ios5. As it stands now, ios5 notifications are basically useless to me. Call me disappointed.
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    I agree, I hope they include the above in 5.x updates.
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    For me the push notifications for most of the apps are not working i don't know why only mail messages phone nimbuzz push notifications are appearing as far as other apps are concerned i have to open and refresh them to see the updates its very weird!

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