iOS 6.1 Beta. What's New?

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by Hondamaker, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    Anyone tried the beta yet? Whats new or different?
  2. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    All I've heard so far is they've updated some UI elements like the lockscreen iPod controls.
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  4. Saw this response on AppleInsider:

    You can download individual songs on iTunes Match and delete individual songs as well. Finally.
  5. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

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  6. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    Sweet. Thanks guys.

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  7. Torinate

    Torinate Member


    Updated maps, if I've read the review correctly. Someone said it could be done "ongoing" and didn't need to actually perform an update. Apple said it had to be updated...

    No wifi fix
    No calendar fix
    No dropped / missed call fix
    No battery fix

    I'm hoping there's more to the update...
  8. FuelieNova

    FuelieNova Member

    6.2 was released yesterday but I cannot load it... my iMac is in for the hard drive recall................
  9. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    There'll be more betas. They *may* include more fixes.

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  10. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    It's not 6.2, it's 6.1 beta 2. This means it's intended for developer use only, which you need to be registered for.
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  11. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    With 5.1 betas, they added one or two small features with every beta version. If I recall correctly, the lockscreen camera access was added in the later stages.
  12. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    C'mon, Fuelie. You should know this stuff by now!
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  13. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

  14. Torinate

    Torinate Member

    That's interesting. The apple store genius said maps had to be updated with a new release of IOS update. Even in the original release of updates for 6.1 it said map updates.

    Not sure who's right, but I can tell you where I live, they haven't updated anything for maps. Still can't find almost any address. Turn by turn is fantastic! But, I always end up lost as maps can't find the right place.

    Lets hope someone at apple can get this at least half way useable here in Ontario.
  15. Zanthe

    Zanthe #apple

    I dunno. Used the maps app yesterday via Siri and it worked perfectly for me. Great turn by turn directions and sure enough there it was! ::shrug::
  16. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    I think both are right in their own way. I'm sure Maps' data can be updated without the app being updated. But for the app itself to be updated, you have to wait for iOS updates.
  17. FuelieNova

    FuelieNova Member

    I just updated to beta 3 and still have problems with maps. It seems to find poi's that are way out of my way.
    Today I ask directions to a particular gas station, it wanted to take me to one 8 miles away when there was one 8 blks away. Navigon found it fine.
    Beta 3 seems to be more stable but nothing earthshaking new.
  18. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    I could be wrong, but I think the routing algorithms are all back-end. In other words, routes are calculated on the apple servers, then sent to your phone. If that is the case, iOS updates won't improve that at all.
  19. one_crazy_dude

    one_crazy_dude Contributor

    Any one having problems with iMessage and text? Any one I message with an iDevices gets a regular text and a iMessage of the same message( double text ).

    My iMessage/Text is all screwed up.
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  20. FuelieNova

    FuelieNova Member

    I see they just released beta 4... nothing earth shaking.

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