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    Hi, i read that- the new 'Lost Mode' feature in iOS 6's Find My iPhone app allows you to lock a missing iPhone with a passcode, send a message displaying a contact number of your choice, and allows the person who finds your iPhone to call you from the lock screen without letting them into your phone (all they can do is call your contact number).

    -When the Lost Mode app will be applied on the device whether it is turn off?
    - Is it the device may restore when connected with iTunes ?
    -If i applied security lock to my device is it possible to applied lost mode?
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    Here's our extensive tutorial on how to lock your iPhone and use lost mode.
    To answer your questions:
    1. The device must be turned on in order to lock it.
    2. iOS 6 allows unauthorized individuals to restore a device to factory settings and thus use the device. This has changed with iOS 7.
    3. Locking your device is essentially 'Lost mode'.
    Here's what Lost mode looks like in iOS 6 using Find My iPhone.


    Hope this helps!
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