iOS 7 Bugs


Jun 2, 2009
I am regretting my upgrade to iOS7 (on iPhone 4). It is a welcome change, but the beta is buggy. Some of the basic functions like the phone is also buggy.

More than once, on receiving a call, the phone will continue to ring on the other end, but it would show to me as if I have disconnected the call.

Its also slow. Its kind of a deja-vu - iPhone 3G + iOS4! Bad memories!

I know I cant normally go back. But anyone know if there is a work-around?


Senior Moderator
Dec 12, 2008
Yeah, this OS is pretty laggy on the 4S so I can image how it would be on the 4. They may be able to optimize it at some point during the beta trials, but I'd avoid it on a 4 at this point. Personally, the only bugs I've noticed so far are app crashes.


Jul 8, 2010
New Port Richey, FL
I'm noticing some Bluetooth issues. When on iOS6, I used to be able to answer a call by pressing the button on my Plantronics Marque headset, but that doesn't seem to work anymore. I have to answer using my iPhone and then switch the audio source.

No big deal, but a little annoying. I'm sure it'll get fixed.

Also noticing that some of the icons in the status bar will get randomly huge sometimes, but go back to normal if I open another app. This bug I don't mind, actually. It's kind of my status bar is doing the Harlem shake.



May 14, 2007
Fairborn, Ohio
The only bugs I have experienced are:
When I try to rearrange icons in a folder, the iPhone crashes and resprings. Also, the layered effect on the homescreen can be jerky and laggy at times. The UI is laggy here and there, but not too much. All in all, not too bad for beta 1!
Battery life is bad!
Auto-brightness doesn't seem to work.


Jun 7, 2009
San Antonio, TX
I found a big bug trying to change my iCloud account. Doesn't work at all.
There's a long list of iCloud bugs:
  • Signing out of an iCloud account with Find My iPhone turned on requires you to enter your Apple ID password. However, in some cases, the keyboard does not appear.
    Workaround: Double-tapping the home button will bring up the keyboard.
  • On rare occasions, users might experience difficulties setting up iCloud Keychain on some of their devices.
    Workaround: A temporary Reset iCloud Keychain button is available in iCloud Settings > Account > Account Security.
  • After users change their iCloud Security Code to Simple or Complex, they will not be able to recover their keychain items from the secure backup.
    Workaround: Change the country code field under Account Security so that the user can receive the SMS Verification Code to complete the recovery process.
  • Sometimes when creating a new Apple ID and choosing to use iCloud in Setup Assistant, iCloud will not be turned on.
    Workround: Go to Settings/iCloud and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • iCloud Keychain users who set up an additional device will receive an approval request to the other devices with iCloud Keychain turned on. The approval request will not be displayed if their screens are off and the devices are idle.
    Workaround: Wake up any peer device to accept the approval request.
  • Users signing out of iCloud by deleting their iCloud account, erasing all contents and settings, or erasing the device via Find My iPhone and signing back in will not be presented with the correct iCloud Keychain setup screens.
    Workaround: Use the seed-only iCloud Keychain Reset button.
  • Users who have a single device with iCloud Keychain on will not be presented with the correct iCloud Keychain setup screens after restoring from a backup.
    Workaround: Use the seed-only iCloud Keychain Reset button.
  • When setting up iCloud Keychain, many iCloud Security Code candidates will be rejected for being too weak.
    Workaround: Choose a 4-digit iCloud Security Code that does not have an obvious pattern.
  • Restoring your device from the same device’s iCloud backup will lose all passwords for Wi-Fi, profiles, accounts, and apps.
  • When just Calendars or just Reminders is toggled off then back on again in iCloud settings, data may not resync to the device.
    Workaround: Turn off both Calendars and Reminders, and then turn them both back on.
  • Nonpurchased ePubs and PDFs will not be restored when iCloud-restoring an iOS 7 device with a pre-iOS 7 backup. Purchased content will be restored without issue.
    Workaround: Use iTunes sync.
  • In iOS 7, Find My iPhone and Bookmarks toggles are no longer supported on secondary iCloud accounts. When you update your device with either of these options enabled on a secondary iCloud account, they will be turned off with no user notification.
    Workaround: Set up the primary iCloud account via Settings/iCloud and then enable Find My iPhone or Bookmarks.
  • Users cannot use Simple or Complex iCloud Security Codes to recover their keychain items from their secure backup on iPhone 4.
    Workaround: Use Random iCloud Security Codes to backup keychain items.


Jun 7, 2009
San Antonio, TX
Another, more serious problem that I've noticed twice already is that sometimes my popup notifications (I don't user banners) will get stuck, and never go away, even after pressing close or "reply." In fact, both buttons will end up looking like they were pressed, but the notification would stay there forever. Have to restart my phone manually to get things going again.


Jan 8, 2009
When I double click the home button and browse the task switcher, so far at least half the time the phone crashes and reboots.

A hard reset fixed the passcode lock issues for me.