iOS 9 App Dev Help


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Dec 26, 2014
Tennessee, USA
I have been working on an app idea for months and would like to begin development. I am looking to file a provisional patent application and then hopefully a full patent and a copyright.

I am very serious about getting my idea off the ground and into the hands of others so people can use it as a tool for their benefit.

My question is: For someone that wants an app developed, is it feasible to learn code and code it myself?

I understand that code isn't something you can half-heartedly just decide to do on a whim, but programming is not something that I am knowledgeable of too much so I would appreciate any feedback.

Again, even if it takes a few months, if it would ensure that I could have the application operate smoothly/exactly how I would like, I would take the time to learn. I am willing to work hard. But if this is out of the question, I would like to know.

If you believe this is possible, what are some good resources that you know of that I can use to learn how to write an app for iOS 9? Online or through other resources.

I already have a professional graphic designer with great designs, so I am only worried about learning code, or, if needed, hiring a professional programmer.

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Oct 16, 2008
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I think it depends on the nature of your app whether or not you need to learn to code or hire the pros.

There are several out there that take great presentations and put a web wrapper on and call it an app. There are some who write natively.

Whatever route you take be sure the language in your agreement protects your intellectual property.