iOS5 Emoji Keyboard

Apparently IOS5 now finally has the emoji keyboard without having to download an app for it. Unfortunately, When I try to send from my iPhone to my Android all that comes across is little squares. However, sending from the Android to the iPhone they come across fine. Has anyone figured a fix or a work around for this? I tried downloading one of the old emoji apps, but that didn't seem to help.



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Oct 19, 2011
Yep, if sender is using iPhone the receiver should be using iPhone too in order to see the emoticons/emoji.. Lucky for us iPhone users. If emojis came from other OS we can see it as it is but for them receiving emoji from iPhone, it'll just be viewed as blank boxes... Yeah snobbish iOS haha wont want other OS enjoy our emoji
Try using whatsapp with them. My bf is using Android and he sees the emoticon i send him via whatsapp but through email like gmail or yahoo on his phone, he couldnt.
This was never a problem before he updated to IOS5. IOS didn't have it's own emoji keyboard, so he had to download an app to get the emoji to work. At that point they were going between iPhone and Android just fine. It's only after updating to IOS5 that we have started having this problem. I just recently switched to Android, and can now definitely say I'm glad I did. I think he will be jumping ship as soon as he is eligible as well. Tired of all the Apple restrictions.