iOS7 upgrade experiences


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Jun 15, 2009
For me, the upgrade to iOS7 has been very painful.

I have 2 iPhone 4s 64GB phones. On the first, the installation started but after initializing the phone would not connect to iTunes again. The result was a phone that had to be recovered and then restored.

On the second, the upgrade started, iTunes crashed (Windows x64) leaving the phone in an even worse state. The phone had to be recovered but after recovery completed, when I started through the registration process I got to an error about the SIM not being valid and I could not complete registration. The phone is basically bricked until I can find my way to an AT&T store and have them provide a new SIM.

Since I'm zero for two are others having similar issues trying to upgrade?

Day 2 update - Took the long drive to the AT&T store, tried several new SIM cards with no luck. Had to make an appointment at the Apple store to have someone try to figure out what is messed up. Another 90 mile one way trip.
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