Ip banned and all I use is my 4s with 4g help

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Jun 10, 2012
My ip has been banned on a site I USE to go on everyday. All I have is my iPhone4s and it's on 4g 99% of the time . This is all I have! I tried going to airplane mod for a few min then going back and the ip would change but only the last 2 numbers of the ip. I join the site that my ip is banned from as a new member after I "thought" I changed my ip and I could go on for about a day then when I went to log on today it says my ip is banned. So how are they recognizing my devise or ip ? Yeh I had some issue with some of the guys on the site but it's a fricken hobby site and I want to go back on and read and learn about the hobby I love ! Please help me figure out how to get back on . I have created new email address and tried everything but some how the site is recognizing my ip or my devise ! Help . And you'll need to explain how to do this in laments terms lolo. Thanks
Jun 10, 2012
iPhone 4s runninh 4g and AT&T . I tried a new email address I set up and it worked for a day but then I went back to log in next day and it says my ip was banned ! I'm in SC


Senior Moderator
Dec 12, 2008
What site were you banned from and what's your user name? Have you tried to contact the forum administrator? In the future, please limit your questions to one thread.

Apple iAddicted

Feb 20, 2012
Sounds like an admin there really hates you.

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