iPad 3G settlement


Nov 13, 2007
Northern IL
Has anyone else gotten the email? I' did. I was afraid to click on anything in it, thinking it was just another spam or phish, but in the off chance it was real, I checked it out.

So I googled and found the court document online with the website and the phone number. I actually cut and pasted the link from the court document. Then knowing I was on the real site I put in my claim number and there came up all my information as is on file with Apple. I finished the form. I don't know when I'll get my $40. I just wanted to let others know that these emails are going out to members of the class. That's folks who bought the original 3G iPad based on the ability to start and stop unlimited data at will. I know I did. While I think the problem was more AT&T than Apple, I was disappointed when the unlimited plan that you could go on and off of as needed was pulled so quickly.

Here's an article about it:


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