iPad as Laptop Replacement?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Geo, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Geo

    Geo Member

    As I am looking through the Apple website and the store in person, a question came apon me.
    It was actually caused by the soreness in my arm.....cause I am carrying around a laptop and an iPad.

    Can I leave my laptop at home?
    Can the iPad be my laptop replacement? All the time? or some of the time?

    What apps have you used that make the iPad more of your everyday got-to computer item for typing, writing, email, surfing, poster creator, printing, whatever it is that you do...?
  2. laughjimbo

    laughjimbo Member

    Hiya GEO, what are your requirements, what things do you need to use your ipad for if it is going to replace your laptop whilst out on the road, in some cases it can replace a laptop, I suppose it really depends on exactly what you are going to use it for.
    My main job is a lorry driver for TV & Film facilities so I spend a long time sitting around with time on my hands. I stopped taking a laptop to work a while ago as my main uses are quite simple. I use my iPad for watching TV and movies, surfing the web, I use pages for writing my invoices which I can also open and edit at home on my Mac now using the cloud. I backup all my documents onto Dropbox which i can also access on my iPad using an app. I can print to my laser printer at home using the samsung web print app when i am at home on my home network.
    I purchased a Zagg Folio Bluetooth keyboard and case which makes using the iPad for typing so much easier. I also use my iPad as a satnav using a tomtom app which is also great.
    Obviously there are a lot of things that you cannot do easily on an iPad compared to a laptop but I have to say that for the most part i am happy to use my ipad as battery life is great and this helps enormously when i am out.

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  4. iByron

    iByron Member

    I think it can be good for some situations, don't think any tablet is ready for that except one of those Pro Surface tabs and look at the price point of that though ($1199) due out in 2013
  5. talon90

    talon90 Member

    It is most certainly possible but it will come down to your needs for the device. I am currently using an iPad exclusively when I travel monthly for work. I am an engineering executive that works remotely to my main company location. I have a PC at my home office and a PC in my office at the company that I use during the days in the plant so of course I'm not completely computer free by any means.

    My iPad is an internet tool, a media device for some music and movies, and a gaming device to keep me entertained while waiting for planes, on planes and in hotel rooms. It is my primary email appliance for both work and home while travelling. While in the office one week per month I use it for company email, document reading (spreadsheets, word documents, AutoCad drawing viewing and annotation and note taking during meetings. Some things are a little more difficult to accomplish on the tablet than on the PC, some things seem about the same.

    When I travel for work or vacation, all I bring is my iPad now. I used to carry a laptop and in some cases a laptop and an iPad and finally settled on just using the iPad and found a way to make it work. Apps like LogMeIn, Documents to Go, Noteability and Penultimate along with iBooks for PDF storage and viewing along with AutoCad viewer make it possible for me. Your mileage may vary.

    Tell us a little about what you use your laptop for and we can better help you make an informed decision about making the switch.
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  6. Lisa22

    Lisa22 Member

    You'll possibly have to pay for cloud storage. That's the only reason why I keep my old laptop hanging around. I rarely use it.
  7. raqball

    raqball Zealot

    I use the stock mail app and the stock browser for mail and surfing the net. I use Pages for documents and Pages could also be used for poster creation.. My printer is WiFi and AirPrint comparable so I can easily print from my iPad with no issues whatsoever..

    I'd say it depends on how you currently use the laptop and if that exact same usage can be done on an iPad..

    - Do you type lengthy email and documents? If yes, a laptop would be better
    - Do you need to download and store a lot of very large files? If yes, a laptop is better
    - Do you need custom programs / apps or plugins that can't be installed on an iPad but can be on a laptop? (flash comes to mind) If yes, laptop wins
    - Do you need the pure processing power a PC offers? Like editing large and multiple videos?

    Just a few examples but I think you get the hint. You need to define your usage on a laptop / PC then decide if that exact same usage can be done on an iPad.

    Hope this helps and good luck with the decision :)
  8. 4U2NV

    4U2NV Member

    Between Teamviewer and Dropbox you have everything you need in an iPad, concidering you have internet on your iPad or teathering and a computer with internet remotely. Then you have the best of both worlds. What ever you can do on your computer but not your iPad, you actually can do using Teamviewer. And these apps are free. Just get a bluetooth keyboard and your pretty much set up with a nice and really light "laptop" iPad. No iCloud needed.
  9. raqball

    raqball Zealot

    This is something I will never understand.. If I need to carry an iPad and a keyboard everywhere I'd rather just get an 11" MacBook Air and have the true computing power..

    Not a slam by any means, I just don't understand why one would carry an iPad and a keyboard opposed to just an Air.. Price / cost perhaps?
  10. chris

    chris Administrator

    I've been using my iPad more and more for productivity. Battery life, iCloud syncing with my Mac Pro, instant on, portability. All very good reasons. Plan on trying a few keyboard combinations starting with an HP TouchPad keyboard I have from the firesale.
  11. 4U2NV

    4U2NV Member

    That is a good point, but most of the time when your traveling, you at the very least have a back pack which the small keyboard fits in with your normal items you bring with you. I wouldn't use the keyboard everywhere (during travel, coffee shop or whatever) but I would use it where I'm staying at or if I'm at a remote office. Its kind of a back up for when your planning on typing a lot.
  12. nealh

    nealh Member

    I have an iPad with BT KB and love it.
    The KB looks like a cover for the iPad.
    The setup is smaller and lighter than a laptop. My is JB and I can use a BT mouse with it as well. I love this setup.

    Luvvitt ultrathin BT KB--$70

    I will upload pics. The keys are solid plastic with a very nice feel.
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  13. 4U2NV

    4U2NV Member

    Interested in seeing the pictures.
  14. nealh

    nealh Member

    Here are the pics

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  15. 4U2NV

    4U2NV Member

    Very nice. I'll be looking into that.
  16. nealh

    nealh Member

  17. laughjimbo

    laughjimbo Member

    I too use a BT keyboard as I mentioned earlier, it is a Zagg Folio with Keyboard in carbon fibre finish, it is really good for typing long letters or documents.
    Here are a few pictures, I also have a carbon fibre skin on the back of my iPad.
    Like Chris said, the battery life is what wins for me and portability.

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  18. iNotes4You

    iNotes4You Member

    Since about 6 months I use an iPad for all the things I have to do.
    I am a programmer for Microsoft Access databases so its obvious I cannot do this job with an iPad.
    But all the other things including support for my company via TeamViewer, collecting new ideas, designing forms and administrating the companies websites I can so everywhere and evertime with no cables and sometimes on the sofa, which is a much more place to create new ideas than the work desk in the office.

    The problem is to find out the all these little helper apps which
    - meet the requirements
    - are reliable
    - are updated within a narrow time frame
    - are enhanced periodically
    - are consistent with Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines
  19. Zanthe

    Zanthe #apple

    I dunno...if you need to add a keyboard and stuff like that, why not just get a MacAir and have more functionality and be done with it?
  20. chris

    chris Administrator

    I've got a MacBook Air. Still like the idea of always on, always having battery life.
  21. raqball

    raqball Zealot

    I agree but I also agree with Chris..

    True as I get at least twice the battery life on my mini -v- air but since the Air boots / loads up so fast it's almost a always on kinda thing..

    If it were me and I only wanted to tote one or the other and if price / cost was not a consideration, I'd rather have an 11" Air as opposed to carrying a 10" iPad and a keyboard..

    But then again a strength of the iPad is that it's available with built in LTE as an option so if someone wanted a always connected Air then they would need to carry a MiFi device or tether from a phone..

    A wee bit off topic but ---> I wonder when Apple will add an LTE option for the MacBook and Air line of computers..

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