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Discussion in 'iPad Air' started by bkford, Nov 3, 2013.

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    In preparation for switching to the Air, I want to back up my iPad 2. I thought I understood correctly that backing up to iTunes and using iCloud backup were two different things. The "sync" process starts automatically when I connect to iTunes, but then cancels and I get a message that I do not have enough storage in iCloud. First, do I misunderstand about iTunes and iCloud, and secondly, shouldn't I be able to back up to iTunes so as to restore to the new iPad Air?
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    When you have it plugged into the computer and start iTunes, you can change it so the device backs up to the computer, not iCloud.
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    I do the same thing, even I'm using iCloud. Basically, it doubles down on your backups. I personally like having a backup to iTunes. Something about all of my stuff being on my computer feels right. I do typically switch back to iCloud.

    If you don't have enough iCloud storage, then you should use iTunes. Also, at some point, you can go in and see what's taking up space in iCloud. It might be older backups that you no longer need.

    On a Mac, the iCloud control panel allows you to 'Manage', which shows you specifics on what's taking up space/storage.

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