iPad charging with iPhone charger.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Daniel_seward408, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Just updated my new iPad (iPad 3) to iOS 6.0.1. Whilst updating I plugged it into the iPhone charger because in the past I've found that even though it says "not charging" it has always kept the charge. When the iPad restarted after the update it said it was charging. I thought it was a bug but the percentage is definitely going up.

    Is my iPad tricking me or car I now charge my iPad from the iPhone charger?
  2. Yeah, but I'm charging the iPad off the iPhone charger. Thanks for your reply though.

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  4. JIS

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    It will, just slower.
  5. Ive read an article awhile back that said if you charge your iPhone with your ipad charger, you will have significantly reduced battery time due to the faster charge rate...i put it to the test and sure enough my iPhone drained much faster...in your case i would imagine you would have better ipad battery time...seems to be longer battery time with trickle charging.
  6. Would you have a link to that product? That sounds interesting...is there a special case required to use a power mat as well? Thank you Rob.
  7. Mommy

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    Does that work for the iPhone 5?
  8. I just checked, it looks like the iPhone 5 case used to charge on the power mat is not ready yet...hopefully soon.
  9. Mommy

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    Thank you. Yes hopefully :)
  10. iPutz

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    The iPhone will only take what it needs to charge itself. Even though there are two amps available from an iPad charger the iPhone will only take the one amp it needs to charge. I have charged my iPhone 4, 4S and 5 a number of times with an iPad charger with no ill effects. Happy charging.
  11. copycarry

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    It will, just slower.

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