iPad Pro Coming Late 2014, but why?

Discussion in 'iPad Air' started by chris, Jan 17, 2014.

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    Jun 10, 2006
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    News today, which is consistent with a few older stories, that Apple is working on an iPad Pro. A larger iPad than the current iPad Air, to the tune of 12.9-inches. This is going to be one big iPad. So why is Apple going bigger? Is this a play to get into education institutions, desktop PC/Mac replacements?

    Trying to rack my brain, but we haven't seen any 12.9-inch tablets, at least mainstream. Most are tied to the 9.7-inch size or thereabouts.

    Why is Apple making an iPad Pro and is this a product that you would buy? I'd love to hear what people in the community think about a giant iPad.
  2. Ledsteplin

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    Oct 29, 2013
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    Many businessses (stores) are using iPads now at the register for many uses. I had to sign for my meds on one yesterday at my pharmacy. A larger iPad might work better for that. The education and businesss market may be their target. I just don't know about home use. I wouldn't want one that big.
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    They better make a sturdy stand.
  4. up10ad

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    An iPad Pro at 12.9" running iOS wouldn't excite me, but if it ran OS-X with full touch capabilities I think they'd have a big hit on their hands.
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    I just downsized to the Mini with Retina display. It was definitely the right decision at the time, however, I'm now going through a change in life that has me reconsidering in in favor of the iPad Air. To me, 12.9 inches is too big for an iPad. That's laptop market there.
  6. Michael Baturin

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    I agree. If they can create a good user experience having some kind of iOS/OSX combination, a larger screened iPad would make sense. Just having the iPad with a larger screen running iOS seems counter intuitive.

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