iPad slowing down


Nov 20, 2012
US Midwest
I learned something interesting today about my iPad 3. It's the 64 GB version and in the last few months has been getting slower and slower at opening apps or web pages and even connecting to iTunes in order to sync was taking 4 or 5 times longer than my iPhone to connect and sync. After trying to update some of the apps that were due for updates it got to the point where after three hours the 17 apps that were to be updated still had not. After trying a number of things I finally decided to restore the device as new and start all over. I finally figured out that the problem was probably due to running so short on storage that the updates couldn't progress normally. After restoring the iPad as new then installing the last backup it was running perfectly. However, I hadn't put all the music back into it. Previously I had all but 4.7 GB of the available storage in use and now that there is about 20 GB storage available, the iPad is running beautifully.