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Discussion in 'iPad' started by chris, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator

    Anyone having WiFi issues with their iPad? I saw a few reports out this morning. Me personally, there were a few incidences where it took longer to connect upon powering up. Nothing that was really cause for concern.

    How about you? WiFi issues on your iPad?
  2. chris

    chris Administrator

    Powering up. That's so pre-iPad. It's more like turn on.:sneaky:
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  4. up10ad

    up10ad Genius

    None here but I am headed to the You Tube thread.
  5. bostonkarl

    bostonkarl New Member

    Kinda Sorta

    My iPad wifi was being a bit cantakerous. Then I changed my router settings from mixed mode to G only. That cleared up all issues.

    Oh, and tethering using MyWi (jailbreak app) works very very well.
  6. BrownGem

    BrownGem Zealot

    No issues here. Instant connect at home and work.
  7. billnye97

    billnye97 Contributor

    I had a few instances of it not connecting. It was mostly turning it on and not giving it a chance to connect to the network.
  8. aggieman

    aggieman Zealot

    No issues at all here.
  9. Josh Yates

    Josh Yates Contributor

    No issues at home. Haven't gone out in the "wild" yet. We'll see how work and Starbucks does this week.
  10. iSoozin

    iSoozin Member

    No issues here either!!
  11. topspin

    topspin New Member

    mine is blazing, way faster than 3GS!!!
  12. leslivres

    leslivres Member

    yes, wifi issues. intermittent connections; doesn't hold for very long. just reading about the same problem with others. glad it was not "my fault." lol
  13. dcom

    dcom Zealot

    I'm having some WiFi problems. I connect to a Timecapsule using 802.11n and notice the signal fluctuates from full to 1 bar while sitting in the same place, holding the iPad the same way. It hasn't disconnected but the wavering signal is annoying. The speed doesn't appear to be a problem though, it's still fast.

    I have 2 networks at home, one is 'n' and one 'g'. I've connected to the 'g' net and I'm getting the same problem. There are no g devices connecting to the n net either so that's not the problem.
  14. up10ad

    up10ad Genius

    Same experience as dcom, Time Capsule has disconnected once while using LogMeIn to work from home.
  15. gulbane

    gulbane Member

    This is interesting because I was having wierd issues yesterday. Basically, I was getting intermittent wi-fi access. I would use the speedtest.com app which would show studdering and very slow download speeds. I used the same app on my iphone and it was perfectly fine at 22/4 after 5 tests in a row.

    I was wondering if I was having a problem with the ipad based on this. My router is a Wireless N. Any other thoughts on this?

    EDIT: Just saw the other posts that happened while I was typing. I wonder if wireless N is the issue?

    I swear it worked fine on Saturday and I had problems with it all day on Sunday.
  16. leslivres

    leslivres Member

    no issues with my iPhone. this was to be my "travel" laptop. wonder how this will all iron out?? Apple support document had a "Resolution" area but way over my head; all about appending one or more characters in the current network name.
  17. TechnologyCoach

    TechnologyCoach New Member

    I'm having connection issues - theres a certain amount of time of non-use when the wifi "turns off". If I open mail, or use certain internet dependent application, I get an error. If I open safari, a small window pops up and says "connecting" and I'm back in business. During the time when the wifi is off, if I try go to settings and try to connect to my network, it says unable to connect (even though I eventually connect).
  18. mori

    mori Member

    No issues here
  19. leslivres

    leslivres Member

    I find this tiring and more than a challenge!!! lol when opening Safari, I get the same connecting window. in between, I am having a nervous breakdown!! hoping this all evens out. running 5 miles a day helps, but might have to increase it to 10!!! hang in there.
  20. BrownGem

    BrownGem Zealot

    I'm wondering if this related to specific routers or MAC vs PC networks. I am running PC on a Linksys router. May be helpful if everyone posted that info. Might isolate a specific problem?
  21. leslivres

    leslivres Member

    am also running my PC on a Cisco Linksys router. still intermittent. just "live" for five minutes and then cancelled.

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