iPhone 3G Dock/InvisiShield/Direct Fulfillment Questions


Jul 3, 2007
Orange County, CA
Ok, I have a couple questions that I haven't been able to find on here.

1. In regards to Direct Fulfillment, the guy at the AT&T Store told me it will be shipped to them and they will call me when it comes in so I can pick it up. I'm assuming I get to activate it at home then correct? Has anyone else that used Direct Fulfillment had to pick it up at the store?

2. In Regards to InvisiShield/Body Guardz, does anyone have any problems with pocket lint getting stuck to it and/or under the edges? I had one for my V1 iPhone and had that problem and eventually took it off.

3. I know last year that they told me they do not make them so that they cover the chrome bevel on the front of the iPhone, but when my V1 InvisiShield/Body Guardz came, the front piece had a piece that fit the chrome bevel and I ended up putting it on. Do the 3G versions still come with that extra piece?

4. Also, when I had the InvisiShield/Body Guardz on my iPhone and I plugged it into the dock to charge, it started showing wear/tear marks on the back InvisiShield/Body Guardz from the dock. Does anyone have it on their iPhone 3G and also have the dock? Is it looser than the V1 iPhone with the InvisiShield/Body Guardz with the dock was or the same?

Not sure if I want to get it or not, the lint problem is my main reason, But if I do get it, I'd like to have it here before my iPhone 3G arrives, that way I can apply it right out of the box, there shouldn't be any fingerprints or dust on it at that time, but if there is, one quick wipe down with a cloth will get rid of that. My last application for my V1 iPhone had some dirt under the front on the display and it wasn't noticeable until the solution dried. All I'm mainly worried about is the chrome bevel, that was the only thing that had scratches (even though they were light scratches) on my V1 iPhone. Probably from being in my pocket, just wanted to try to stop that from happening this time, but I've been unable to find any covers that you don't have a problem with in one way or another.


Jan 20, 2008
I can only answer question #1; I ordered one on a Thursday, it arrived on Saturday. The store will call you to when it arrives to, and they activate it in the store when you pick it up.