iPhone 3G lock up


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May 25, 2009
I have an iPhone 3G for a little over a month now. Works good except I golf on weekends, and when I take the unit in the golf cart, at some point during the game, the iPhone is locked up and I have to do a reset with the HOME/SLEEP buttons. \

It seems that when it goes into this mode, it is sucking the battery really hard, and when it happened yesterday, I opened it and the screen was rolling and it was non responsive. This is a major problem, as I want to be in touch while I play.

I have the unit in a carrying case, and I rest it on a towel in the cart's storage area to minimize bumping. It is definitely not loose and flying around. It seems it just does not like being bumped around. The person who rides with me just tosses his blackberry in the cart storage, it bumps around and works just fine.

Anyone else experience sensitivity to shock?


Nov 20, 2008
Ilwaco, WA
Mines been dropped on a few occasions with no problems what so ever..Try doing a restore on it and see if that fixes the problem