iPhone 3G Services...


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Dec 26, 2008
Hey guys,

I'm new here as a poster but ive been looking around and i must say i really have to thank you guys...i now have a completely working jailbroken iPhone 3G with amazing customized themes thanks to the informative and detailed guides...

I still have one problem however. I live in Canada and i recently got an iPhone 3G as a christmas present, i was not there to buy it so im not sure about whether it is "unlocked"... I do know that I did not get it with my supplier, Rogers, and i got it off a booth, so this leads me to believe it is unlocked.

I just had to insert my SIM and i was good to go. For some reason i am unable to turn off the EDGE service... there is always an E on the top bar (this appears after i turned off 3G as im unsure about charges). So i would like to know 1. Is the wi-fi free? 2. would i be billed for 3G (unsure of uses and what it does exactly...) and 3. would i be billed for this EDGE service?... I don't think i have a data plan with rogers as they only come with iPhones as ive been told... sorry guys i am a complete noob here and would appreciate some help..thnx.


Jan 21, 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
You can't be unlocked...yet! There must be a name of your carrier up there in the left corner in the iPhone display? And you can't turn off EDGE (E) on a non-jailbroken iPhone!

WiFi is free at your home/friends, and yes - you'll have to pay when using 3G.