iPhone 3G: Signal Issues - No Service and other issues


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Dec 5, 2008

In Ireland on 02.

Bought an iPhone 3G not through 02 (On EBay as my phone is a work phone and they wouldn't allow me to upgrade to the iPhone) and was initially very pleased with it. It came with S/W 2.1 and it upgraded to 2.2 with no problems.

Then, last weekend, all 3rd Party Applications stopped working. I would open them and it would just go back to the home page. At the same time my signal reception was very bad, but, as I was away for the weekend in a "fairly" remote area, I didn't really worry about this.

At the time I uninstalled all the 3rd Party apps and it made no difference, so I backed up and restored the phone. The 3rd Party Apps then worked, but I continued to notice Signal Issues. Since I got the phone I would only turn on 3G if I really needed it, so I would rarely have it turned on. Now, in my home I have next to no signal when I never noticed an issue before. I notice that when I take the phone out and press the home button to take it out of sleep mode, it would initially say I had 3 bars, but then they'd disappear and it would say "no service". It happened in Dublin Airport yesterday and I have never had a problem out there. It is the same whether I have 3G on or off, however, signal always seems worse on 3G.

So today, I reset to factory defaults and didn't restore. I just synced my contacts etc after. but it seems to be the same, however, I won't know for sure until I go home.

It does seem to work fine in the car or outside, but once I'm inside a building there is very little chance of reliable signal and service.

I am going to test the field service mode *3001#12345#* later on at home and see what it looks like, but has anyone experiences similar issues and is there anything I can do?

As I said I never noticed signal issues before last weekend, so now I wondering whether I should downgrade the SW to 2.1.

Nothing has happened to the phone and it hasn't been damaged.

I saw a post on a forum elsewhere where someone said that they had purchased an extremely expensive iPod touch, and that is how I'm starting to feel.

I have obviously seen all the reports on bad signal etc all over the internet, but is there any chance of improvement?



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Nov 23, 2008
Puerto Rico
if you were using a proxy sim for the iPhone s/w 2.1, and upgraded to 2.2... you need a new proxy sim that works with 2.2... you basically locked your phone once again.. if you are not, then you might want to check with your carrier