iPhone 3G with Russian Cartoon Bubble & Steve Jobs!


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May 18, 2009
ok... my dumbass brother jailbroke an iPhone 3g... he said it ran for three days and then now pops up with this pineApple and steve jobs cartoon with a russian bubble that from my research either says hi or surprise... As much as I know about the phone... iPhone 3g... recently purchased, no SIM card installed, jailbroken (not sure what software), firmware 2.0 (guessing), computer that was used with it was MAC 10.4.11

i need help fixing it... this is what i've done so far....

1. hooked it up to iTunes... tried a restore and update... got as far as finishing a progress bar with iTunes 8 saying it was waiting for the iPhone. disconnected after 8 hours and got error 9
2. downloaded vs. 2.0 of firmware (the only one so far that doesn't give me an incompatibility error) and tried a shift-restore to the exact file i downloaded.... nada not even a progress bar
3. tried getting into DFU mode... won't even think about it even with hubby holding a stopwatch so we do all of the holds for EXACTLY the amount of time it says... nada
4. tried different computers MAC on OSX 10.4.11, PC on Vista Home Premium, MAC on OSX 10.5.6, and PC on XP SP3... nada
5. tried different USB's ... original Apple USB's and knockoffs... nada

I am completely out of ideas!



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Nov 15, 2007
Rogers, MN
This is exactly what happened to mine this weekend. jailbroken 2.2, i went to bed and when i woke up i am only getting the cartoon. I tried all of the same things you did, different computers, usbs, dfu mode, older firmware. NOTHING. it gets to the end of the progress bar and sits and does nothing.

Any help from somebody please!?