iPhone 3GS hanged in circle loop

Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by Lord Erclan, Mar 18, 2014.

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    iPhone 3GS hanged in circle mode?i tried to update my mom's iPhone 3gs which i jailbreaked about a year ago, as it had some glitches and slow speed. the software update 784 mb downloaded in 2 hrs and then given an error. i retried same thing happened again. i tried to reset from iPhone settings 1st disply, problem not solved 2ndly reset and erase all data, it restarted and hanged in moving circle phase. next worst thing i recalled phone power button not works (so that i can restart it by pressing power button and lock button together to restart it)
    i removed a little bit of the back black cover to press power button directly but nothing happened. so i removed the 2 screws near dock connector pulled out front screen to find any way to restart. next thing happened ribbon cable 1 came off and screen turned off. while trying to connect ribbon 3 came off. i had to remove ribbon 2 to connect ribbon 3. ribbon 3's gold part does not go all the way in(yes i know these is a sort of a switch ). now about half ribbon 3 inside and locked , connected ribbon 1 &2 but the screen is still off. when i charge it no sound of charging.
    iTunes not recognize it
    I used evasion to jail break it
    any help
    ios 6.1.2
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    If I am reading your post correctly, you are taking the iPhone apart to basically diagnose this yourself? I am unsure what the issue is besides that you are unable to restore/update the iPhone as it's going into a circle loop, is this correct? The power button doesn't work either I am reading.

    I am not a technician obviously or else I'd be on top of the world, but have you tried taking it to Apple or your phone provider as long as it's not jailbroken?
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