iPhone 3GS new bootrom won't restore. Video capture modified to record 720 hd, Multiple issues

Jan 18, 2014
Kapolei, Hawaii
I have an iPhone 3gs (new bootrom), don't know what firmware its running because I ssh'd into the video quality settings and replaced it with someones homemade file, un-jailbroke thereafter, and I've encountered a multitude of problems since. I'm not sure whether its on 4.3.5, or 5.0.1, at this point im quite sure its not on ios 6 yet as I was able to see into the phones info briefly (it sometimes turns on when I plug it into the wall, I literally had to plug it into the wall to get the phone to start booting, remove the usb from the jack and slip it into a usb slot on my computer and DFU it, just to get it to connect in a remote way to iTunes. iTunes has given me error 2002, and error 29 when trying to restore via DFU and recovery mode (recovery mode yielding error 29).

At this point im unsure what to do next. I semi-bricked an iPhone 4s that I was using and got it to un-brick via jailbreaking, and im wondering if this will work; then I can ssh into the directory, find the original files for vga quality video and probably unjailbreak the phone, and say goodbye to all these misfortunes ive brought upon myself