iPhone 3GS no sync over WiFi?


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Jul 7, 2009
Hello, just joined, I'm Rob, and living in SC.
Brief history, I've had cell phones from the old "Luggables", to the first qualcom handhelds, then went motorola for a LONG time. This year, I tried some LG's and a Samsung, but the touch screens basically, well, weren't very user friendly, so I tried out a friends iPhone 3G, liked it, and finally went for the new 3GS. Love it, BUT!

I've searched (for both) questions here and on google, but can't find any actual answers.

1) Why can this thing not sync over WiFi? Sheesh. Has Apple not realized that this would be a "Good Thing" ? I don't know about bluetooth yet, just because I'm lazy, but having to plug it in is silly.

2) Why doesn't the Bluetooth module support external HID devices? (Mouse, Keyboard, etc)? Yes, the touch keyboard on the 3GS is bloody AWESOME, and even intelligent, but as a 30 year touch typist that still hates using the mouse even in AutoCad for commands, I want to use my Bluetooth keyboard, but it seems impossible to pair them.


Sep 2, 2007
Austin, Tx
Welcome. Good questions. The answers will likely not provide any immediate gratification.

1) Not sure why Apple has never implemented this. I also hate having to 'cable up' to sync. My best guess is that this may be part of their 'guarding' the user experience on the devices, and they may fear that typical / noive users will find it very unsatisfactory to have quite a few gigabytes of data syncing wirelessly, and presumably doing so very, very slowly - as even cabled sync can take ages. In fact, a lot of us might not enjoy that a whole bunch - though perhaps having some 'incremental' sync options would alleviate this issue.

2) This sort of thing should be coming, and probably fairly soon - as the SDK for the new 3.0 OS has lots in it for accessories and the like.


May 14, 2007
Fairborn, Ohio
Welcome, Rob.
Only Apple knows the answers to your questions, and they aren't telling!