iPhone 3GS random shut downs, long reboots, no problem if plugged into charger


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Oct 12, 2010
So I've posted this problem before, but I figured I shouldn't bring back an old thread.

Anyways, my iPhone 3GS has had random shutdown problems ever since I got it from a friend. At this point it is no longer under warranty so don't say to have Apple replace it. The problem is that my phone randomly shuts down and when I go to start it back up it takes a long time (the Apple logo shows up for a long time) and sometimes doesn't want to stay back on. It doesn't matter if I'm listening to music or using an app or whatever. It has also had this problem both with OFW and jailbroken so that isn't the issue. The interesting bit is that if it is plugged into the usb charger, this issue disappears.

Also, and this is a problem that comes and goes at random, I cannot turn my iPhone back on after one of these shut downs/goes through the Apple loading screen and then shuts down immediately after the lock screen shows up for about a split second. The only fix for this is to plug it into the charger and then the phone will stay on. Interestingly though, slamming the base of the phone into the palm of my hand a few times sometimes fixes this problem too, so it's probably an issue with the SIM card alignment or something else inside.

I recently found out how to shut down apps that are running in the background by double clicking the home button then holding down on one of the apps and then closing them and apparently are opened up in the background every time the phone is turned on (including after one of my random shut downs/crashes). So I thought maybe the issue was RAM, but even after closing all these apps I still get crashes.

So my last hypothesis is that it may be a battery issue seeing as how plugging it into the charger eliminates any problems that I usually have. Any suggestions? Should I go through with opening up my iPhone and try replacing the battery?

All in all, I'll probably end up trying to replace the battery anyways, but I thought I'd share all the issues that I've run into and hopefully help some others that have similar issues but still haven't found the correct solution. Or maybe someone knows of a different solution and maybe my battery isn't the issue?


Feb 18, 2011
Washington state
Have Apple replace it.
Had to u told me not to. I don't listen well.
I do agree it is a battery problem being it doesn't do that when plugged into USB charger.


Jun 21, 2010
Yeah, sounds like a battery to me too. Next time it's plugged in, press and hold the button on the top and the home button until you see the Apple logo ( ie hard reset ) when it's plugged in, to a wall outlet hopefully, this resets the battery. Let it charge to 100% let it drain down to at least 10% then charge to 100 again. Check settings, general, usage to what the expected life of the battery is.
You also mention something about the sim... Remove and replace it to make sure it's seated correctly.

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Laiq Atiq

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Oct 6, 2012
100% working Solution here,
1st simply takeout your sim outta your device & switch on 3g & data from your network settings. In case they are on already simply toggle them & plug your sim card back in n voila its done no need to turn of or restart, seriously !

2nd (in case if 1st trick didn't worked somehow) ssh your device or get ifile & goto your launch daemons directory which probably be System/Library/LaunchDaemons & simply remove 5 files [like com.apple.report.samplexx] for safe side just rename with ifile wid extension like i did [_bkup] or watever u want & simply reboot your device after deleting these 5 files & your good to go. No annoying restarts no Apple logo stucks. no need for battery replacement or restoring your device. give it a try and do tell me if it work. i expericnced it totally worked fine wid no issues )) best of luck ya all