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Discussion in 'iPhone Unlock' started by kirsty21, Mar 8, 2012.

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    my daughter purchased a second hand iPhone 3gs which had a new payg orange sim registered to it.she got it unlocked for £25. when turning phone on it got stuck on the Apple logo and wouldn't do anything else. she then had to do a reboot to the phone which she then had to connect the iPhone to iTunes to restore it. it was then back to its factory settings and had to reactivate the phone. asked for country and wi-fi set up to activate the sim card. then clicked the correct wi-fi network, then clicking next to activate. was told it would take 3 minutes to activate, then come up with a message on the iPhone & in iTunes that there was no sim card in the phone. please help !
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    I would attempt to clear any possible debris from the SIM tray. But. You've paid £25 for an unlock (which is free by the way...), which is now redundant because you've locked the phone again by restoring it. When you restore the phone, think of it like reformatting your computer. You will have updated the phone's baseband which, at present isn't unlockable, unfortunately.

    There are methods to unlock the phone; install the iPad's baseband - there are complications when/if you do this.
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