iPhone 4 Bluetooth problem with 2009 BMW

Discussion in 'iPhone 4' started by bmargolis, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. bmargolis

    bmargolis New Member

    Picked up my iPhone 4 today and immediately paired it with my 2009 BMW with iDrive. The connection to the car drops avery few minutes. Sometimes it comes back by itself and other times I need to turn BT off and back on again. Then it will drop again. I had -0- problems with my iPhone 3G or 3GS.

    Anyone else seeing a similar problem?

  2. Torregiante

    Torregiante New Member

    This is not just the iPhone 4 -- it is happening now on my 3GS since the update to the 4.0 software version.

    Until I updated to the newest software version, I had NO problem with Bluetooth sync with my 2010 Ford Flex --- However, it drops off and reconnects several times a day now

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  4. bmargolis

    bmargolis New Member

    After much trouble yesterday, the connection has been rock solid today. Not sure what was going on but it seems to have repaired itself.
  5. SikPup

    SikPup Member

    i am having an issue connecting my iphone 4 to my 08 dodge charger with UConnect. it times out trying to pair. i can however connect to my plantronics earpiece so I know the bluetooth works.
  6. lewis26

    lewis26 New Member

    Sometimes the software in the car needs an update. Many of the new camaros needed one. Call your dealer and find out.
  7. You need the 2011 BMW... that's what Steve Jobs said today... it's not the phone, it's your car.. :eek:k:eek:k
  8. lewis26

    lewis26 New Member

    You need the iCar.
  9. iTim

    iTim Member

    No issues here at all, with a 2010 Audi
  10. hw76gw98

    hw76gw98 New Member

    I have a 2011 328xi and just upgraded my 3G to the OS 4.0 over the July 4th Weekend. Haven't tried the Bluetooth Phone connection yet, but my music no longer comes up through the iDrive system. The device shows up in the USB slot, but when I go into the device, it's like it's not there. And when I back out the iDrive menu to look at the device selection screen, my iPhone is gone!

    I really hope I can downgrade the phone back... maybe do a "Factory Restore" of the device and leave it with the old old old firmware. At least it worked!!!
  11. plasmo

    plasmo New Member

    So far Bluetooth, and also displaying songs on iDrive using my iPhone4 on my 2010 328xi has worked without any problems.
  12. lewis26

    lewis26 New Member

    I cringe at the mention of iDrive. :046:thumbs_down
  13. plasmo

    plasmo New Member

    Agree. The new updated versions are MUCH improved (and actually useable) than the older ones though.
  14. lewis26

    lewis26 New Member

    They are still very unintuitive. With the wealth of BMW, you think they could hire a better software designer.
  15. hw76gw98

    hw76gw98 New Member

    Tried again... better, but not right.

    I tried again on my lunch. This time I established the Bluetooth link before plugging in the device. That shouldn't matter, right? Since the bluetooth is only the phone connectivity and the cable/adapter is for the music. But, I plugged in the device and went for a drive. Literally, a few minutes in, the music just kicked in. I watched on the trip home and saw it connect / disconnect / connect / disconnect / then connect and play music. I didn't touch anything.

    Something is wrong. I'm going to try to re-sync my iPhone tonight. If not, I guess I'll have to "load" the music into the car through the USB connection in the Glove Box. That would save me having to plug in the phone every day anyway.
  16. plasmo

    plasmo New Member

    Maybe it's a loose connection with your cable.
    When it works, at least the cable can double as a car-charging cable which I noticed comes in handy when you need more juice.
  17. greeby

    greeby New Member

    Weirdness going on with my 3GS in iOS4 as well. Was rock solid on iOS3.X but since the upgrade I can't receive calls.
    I can place calls with no problem but if I get an incoming call the phone rings then disconnects from the car.
    Subaru Outback 2010.
  18. PatM

    PatM New Member

    I have 2 2009 Mini Cooper S's and the IPhone 4 paired and works perfectly so far. I guess I can't buy the new 4 wheel drive 4 door next year the IPhone may not work. LOL
    I think they call it the Countryman.


  19. z28black98

    z28black98 Member

    Hey OP and others with BMW's....have you guys tried www.e90post.com ? its a forum for current 3series owners and has a WEALTH of information. Do a quick search and see if anyone else is having the problem, if not post a new topic. I promise you somewhere out that on that website can help you out!. Good luck.
  20. kcn

    kcn New Member

    I have a 2009 X5 & got my iphone4 2 weeks ago. I have had no problems with iDrive to sync with iphone4. I havent had any missed calls or anything. IN fact I havent dropped any calls either with regards to the antenna issues. Hope it will stay that way.
  21. kcn

    kcn New Member

    Does anyone know if iphone4 charges via the BMW ipod sync cable which is inside the center console ? It charges the ipods & not iphones. Any of them, 3G, 3GS. This is because Apple changed the amp input to iphones. It apparently much lower than ipods. So the cables wont charge.

    I was hoping that this was fixed on iphone 4 or if BMW came up with a cable that charges with 5amps. Any thoughts anyone ?

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