IPhone 4 Dead. Restore error 1601? HELP!!!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by denimdevil666, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. denimdevil666

    denimdevil666 New Member

    I got a new iPhone 4(iOS 4.0) from UK and got it jailbreaked. It was working perfect until it died couple of days back. i tried everything (tried charging it, connected to iTunes) to bring it back to life but it wouldn't work i even called to my own number but it was ringing on the other side but nothin on the phone. i read in the internet that if u hold power button and home button simultaneously it would reset the phone, it dint work either. but next time when i connected it to iTunes it said the phones in recovery mode it needs RESTORE. i clicked restore and it said it would update to the latest firmware iOS 4.1 and restores the phone. it downloaded the update but when it comes to restoring part it says " the iPhone can not be restored, An unknown error has occured (1601)" I thought it would be the problem with my laptop and tries it on 2 other friend's laptops too but no luck. I like my phone so much and i am in desperate need for help. Thanks in advance!

    P.S- I live in India and i don't know, if i can even take it to Apple Store as iPhone 4 is not yet released in India. I have even tried holding Power and the Home buttons for more than 30 seconds but no use.
  2. Dudbrady

    Dudbrady New Member

    I jailbroke mine and it wouldn't restore either! I ended up having to take mine to the apple store, I tried everything like you. I'm from USA though... Sorry seems like your out of luck unfortunately from my point of view.

    What jailbreak did you use?
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  4. EverythingApple

    EverythingApple Hi, I'm Chris!

    Holding the power/sleep and home button puts the iPhone in Recovery mode.

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  5. Europa

    Europa Moderator

  6. d4k4

    d4k4 Member

    Download the latest version of TinyUmbrella on your PC/Laptop and launch it. Make sure your phone is connected and click on "Kick out of recovery mode" button on upper right corner. This should refresh your phone and can restore it from there. Goodluck! ;)
  7. Jeffmedic

    Jeffmedic Member

    what the person above me said works and it's super easy. I was in hell the other day and tiny umbrella fixed my phone in 5 seconds. I put it into recovery mode too not the jailbreak. next time go straight to tiny umbrella before iTunes so u don't lose anything
  8. iP5

    iP5 Evangelist

    I've seen similar situations (even with non JB'd iDevices) where a perfectly good unit, by this I mean in terms of hardware and electronically, but totally looks dead.

    I totally think Apple's a tard for failing either to; give me a replaceable battery, a low level splash screen so that at least I know it's just iOS vs a dead phone, or that iTunes should have the tinyumbrella function of kick me out of restore as a user option.
    The 'geniuses' have and go to this function immediately as part of their 'diagnostic' software.

    The iDevice really looks dead, WTF, when it's just software. I think it's a deliberate marketing choice to; dissuade cracking, give the 'genius' an opportunity to shine, force a second purchase from a known fan (an existing customer). Really, cause my last two suggestions are so simple that their omission can't have been accidental.

    To me its a perfect example of how Jobs' is such a smug SOB where in one hand he puts out a piece of art and in the other he rips you of such basics, all the while looking you in the eye with an air of "what, you should be so worthy to be my customer".

    It's not just Jobs. I work in tech and some days it feels like you can split the companies, some with a culture of I want to be so ubiquitous that I'm ok as a commodity, and the other, with godhead mentalities.

    Ever there is the dark side. Decide, you must, with each breath, to serve or to rule. Lulz.

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  9. Eninety2

    Eninety2 Member

    Im having the same problem except that the option in Tinyumbrella to "kick out of recovery" is grayed out.
  10. iP5

    iP5 Evangelist

    Got to get it to recovery mode first. While cabled to your comp, hold the power key hoping it shuts off, then the power-home combo to boot to recovery. Tiny should eventually see it in R mode and ungrey the option.

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  11. Jeffmedic

    Jeffmedic Member

    does your phone have the plug into iTunes logo on the screen or is it black? I believe if its all black then u are in dfu mode. get it in recovery mode 1st of that's the case
  12. Eninety2

    Eninety2 Member

    black screen.

    but i thought it needed to be in dfu to restore?
  13. Eninety2

    Eninety2 Member

    great, got it out of recovery mode only now itunes gives me error 21 instead of 1601, or 1600.
  14. Jeffmedic

    Jeffmedic Member

    get it into recovery then use tiny umbrella
  15. Eninety2

    Eninety2 Member

    ^^^the recovery or dfu is not the problem. i can get into and out of both with no hiccups.

    the problem is i cant complete the restore process.
  16. denimdevil666

    denimdevil666 New Member

    Error when starting TinyUmbrerlla saying" cannot start TSS service. DO NOT TRY RESTORING YOUR DEVICE!!! TinyUmbrella MUST be run as an administrator"
    I have run TinyUmbrella as administartor and all three options are Grey "Exit Recovery" "Save SHSH" "Start TSS server". but when i connect my iPhone to my Laptop iTunes starts up and say that it has detected the phone in recovery mode and needs restore.

  17. denimdevil666

    denimdevil666 New Member

    Its Black...like if phone's switched off...
  18. sharard

    sharard New Member

    I hope it gets resolved for you, but these kind of threads is exactly why I dont jail break. If its 1 percent something can happen, it seems to happen to me. Im not saying jail breaking is bad but I just dont like taking chances on a $600 device. I admire those that do.
  19. BrendonSc

    BrendonSc Member

    Jailbreak is cool. But as I've said it before...Don't do it. There's a reason apple locks it. It's like someone takin drugs. You may last a while but over all it will kill you. People argue with me all the time about this but it can ruin hardware and if you value your device then don't do it. Go to the store and buy you some iTunes cards and buy apps to keep you busy.
  20. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    The last two posts aren't very helpful, in my opinion. The OP is asking for help - not a anti-jailbreaking remarks. I've been jailbreaking for a couple years and there is nothing to be afraid of. Jailbreaking doesn't ruin hardware. Anyway, we're talking about an iPhone 4; it's under warranty. Restoring it is just a matter of researching the error codes and troubleshooting. These error codes can just as easily occur on a stock iPhone. If you have tried everything and can't get past the errors, Apple will restore it for you or replace it. The App Store will not preoccupy me and make me forget about jailbreaking. I rely on several apps that cannot be found there.
  21. Don't be so dramatic. Jailbreaking hasn't killed a single person as far as I can tell. I jailbreak every iPhone, and I doubt my recent heart attack was due to that.

    Thousands of people jailbreak their iPhones and don't suffer through these supposed problems. Also, it's can't ruin your hardware - that's just naive thinking.

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