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Discussion in 'iPhone 4' started by Rhon loudermilk, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Rhon loudermilk

    Rhon loudermilk New Member

    My IPhone 4 was hack into.someone had total had to control of it.how did they do it.I didn't even know it for weeks.my girlfriend hooked it to my computer and kept up with my ever move.how did she do it?what all did she do or find.will I ever know?how can I protect myself?she started with billing account password from verizon.And email passcode that she watched me put in.wow.put life 360gps on me.could she have had someone hooked up to other computers and shared all my information?I just wonder if anyone has been through this and how damage can someone do?
  2. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Did you jailbreak it, install OpenSSH and fail to change the default password? If not, I doubt anyone hacked into it.

    Are you using a passcode lock? If not, maybe she got into your phone while you were you were sleeping or something. Without a passcode lock, she'd be free to see your browsing history, text messages, voicemail, etc. She also could have installed a GPS tracking app on it, but that's not remotely hacking into it.
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  4. Rhon loudermilk

    Rhon loudermilk New Member

    I was wondering if she could have looked at everything i was doin if she
  5. Rhon loudermilk

    Rhon loudermilk New Member

    I was wondering if she could have loooked at everything from other computers link together?I am not so good with computers.the life 360 app sent mea page notification asking me if i was safe.it's somekind of family locator.I don't see the app on my phone.could it be hidden?I had to start all over with.been nervous ever since.thanks for reply
  6. Rhon loudermilk

    Rhon loudermilk New Member

    How can I tell if its been jailbroke?I downloaded that spp you said open ssh.don't really know what it does.I think I want mine jailbroke so then I can get some apps that I could pay her back with.I am a loyal person she was the one that was caught. it really stinks all of this
  7. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    I'm having trouble figuring out how you came to the conclusion your girlfriend hacked into your phone. Unless she's an uber1337 hacker, it didn't happen. Even then, I haven't heard of anything this extreme happening.

    Have you asked her if she messed with your phone?

    The best thing you can do to protect your phone is to restore it as new, and put a passcode lock on it. And don't jailbreak it.
  8. Target

    Target Evangelist

    Could she possibly have you mobile me password and use the "find my phone" feature to track you?

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  9. Locutus

    Locutus Member

    Sounds to me like you have issues that go far beyond her possibly hacking your iPhone, dude.

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  10. Vcoronel127

    Vcoronel127 Member

    I don't think she hacked into your iPhone especially if your phone isn't jailbroken in the first place.

    Second, if she got your password just by looking at you type it, then I can't help but think the other things she might have done behind your back. She probably has your passwords to a lot of your accounts with you not just knowing.

    Third of you sound really worried like your really trying to hide something. If you weren't doing crap then who cares if she has the password right? It's not like she'll erase anything or mess with your stuff. I understand also that it's privacy yadda yaddy ya!!!

    One solution I can think of??? Change all your account passwords, backup and restore your phone, and put a lock on it. Oh and also get those screen protectors that hides and blur your screen

    Problem solved. ohhh and stop doing shady things.lol

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  11. BBGT2

    BBGT2 Member

    OMG ! Seriously ? Your GF hacked your phone, come on. Move on.

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  12. one_crazy_dude

    one_crazy_dude Contributor

  13. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    This is kind of a side note, but I think it's kind of funny how loosely the word "hacked" is used. A lot of people who jailbreak their phones say they hacked it, when in reality all they did was connect the phone to a computer and run a program that was written by a hacker. Hackers are an elite group of programmers. Jailbreaking is so easy a monkey could do it. The OP's girlfriend got a hold of his phone and snooped (and possibly installed a GPS family locator app). She didn't hack it.

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