iPhone 4 is not charging more than 4% after drop in water

Discussion in 'iPhone 4' started by moti ranpal, Apr 10, 2014.

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    My iPhone 4 with 16gb memory ,was sink in water for an hour, quickly i see in Google to put in a rice bag so i did it and after 24 hours i try to turn it on it on but off itself with red light.
    Then again I put it in the rice bag with the plastic zipper bag and keep in the sun some time not direct contact but it was covered by rice, after a week i take out the phone try it it was good touch everything was okay. Then i disassemble the phone and wash with petrol and dry it 45 minutes and assemble it it was again good everything only the problem is my phone is not taking charge more than 4 or 5% and then off itself and on every one or two minutes. Help me what i need to do to let phone be charged fully. Should i need to change the battery or any parts of it? Otherwise all is good only charging problem, when i plugged in the charger then only wake again off and on. please help me iPhone gods.
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    An hour in water is a long time. I'm surprised it comes on at all. It's best to leave it in rice for at least 3 days before turning it on. I doubt putting it back in rice will help now. There's not much anyone here can do to help. If you try cleaning the inside parts, use 99% isopropyl alcohol. I'm guessing either parts need replacing or the phone is now a paperweight. Good luck!
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    Two things you did wrong:
    1. Trying to turn it on after 24 hours. Always leave it in rice for at least three days before powering it on.
    2. Dissembling it and cleaning it with petrol. This is a very bad idea and will do much more damage than water. I'm not sure why you did this when it worked fine after it dried out.

    For future reference, put it in rice for three days and do not disassemble or attempt to clean it afterwards. Water doesn't need to be cleaned off; it just needs to completely dry out.
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    for avoid this kind of accident issue, use best waterproof case for iPhone,iPad.
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    And do tell, which one would that be?

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