iPhone 4 Microphone issue

Feb 3, 2012
Hi all,

I recently replaced the screen and charging port/microphone on my iPhone 4, everything is working fine except the microphone.

During calls no-one can hear me, but I can hear them, except on loudspeaker where I can still hear them and they can hear me.

On voice memos, when I record I have to basically shout into the mic for me to be heard, and theres a lot of static/interference. Interestingly on voice memos, when I press the middle of the screen, the dial at the bottom (indicating how much sound is being picked up) shoots right up.

I've checked the microphone inside, its in the little rubber thing and its pushed in to the hole, so I can't see anything there. As I said it IS picking up sound, infact the interference when played back on voice memos is quite loud.

Could it be a loose connection? Is there a grounding screw that could be causing this? Or do you think I should purchase another dock/speaker assembly?

Thanks in advance,
Jun 22, 2012
Hallo Jordan,
I have the same problem as you and i've already replaced the lower microphone but nothing happens. Did you solve the problem ?
Best Regards,