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Discussion in 'iPhone 4' started by In-The-iCloset, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. In-The-iCloset

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    Now that I've got it all setup correctly, I wanted to share my setup for making Skype and Google Voice play nice together.

    A little background...
    1. My Google Voice number is the only number I give out. Friends, family, coworkers, clients, etc. That lets me setup rules for when certain groups of people can/can't call me; what voicemail greeting they get; etc.
    2. My iPhone 4 isn't activated. A friend of mine got deployed to Afghanistan, cancelled his contract with ATT and I gave him $200 bucks for the phone. But didn't want a plan/contract. I already have a phone on Verizon. So it doesn't have cell service.
    3. I love Skype -- use it for both business and personal.
    4. I carry a Verizon Mifi practically everywhere I go for the iPad and my laptop. $80 bucks for 10 gigs a month.

    So I needed a way to make them all play nice. This may be a recap for some people, but I've had several questions about how I did it, so I wanted to share.

    1. Using your existing Skype account, buy the $2.99/mo subscription for unlimited US/Canada calling to landlines and mobile phones. (Its actually 10,000 min/mo)

    2. Setup your caller ID through the Skype website to display your GV number. They'll send you a text to confirm the phone; then it takes 24 hours to become active.

    3. Also on the Skype website, buy a Skype Online number. Do this *after* you have the 2.99/mo subscription because it makes the Skype Online number 50% off. $30 bucks a year instead of $60. Pick any number you want -- it doesn't matter -- you'll never use the number itself.

    4. In Google Voice, add your new Skype Online number as a forwarding phone. GV will call your Skype number to confirm its yours and you'll have to enter a code. Some people report a problem with receiving that call from GV. If it doesn't come through, use a *desktop* Skype app (Win/Mac) to edit your preferences; in the Calls tab, set it to receive calls from 'Anyone'. The confirmation call from GV should come through now.

    5. Once you have your Skype number confirmed as a forwarding phone in GV, you can receive calls to your Skype account (and thus, your iPhone/iPad, computer, PSP, Droid, BB, etc) from your regular GV number.

    6. After 24 hours from when you setup your Caller ID as your GV number, you'll be able to make outgoing calls and have them show up with your correct GV number.

    7. In Settings > Skype (on iPhone), set 'Go Offline' to 'Never'.

    That's it. Since I carry the MiFi card with me everywhere and since most places I go have wifi networks anyway, I can safely say I've got service everywhere I go (thanks, VZW!).

    Now, when you call me, my unactivated iPhone 4 rings along with my Verizon phone. The cool thing is, the native GV in-phone options still work. So if you call and I answer through Skype on the iPhone and I want to record the call, I just press 4 like usual. If I want to transfer the call (while ON the call) from the iPhone (in the Skype app) to the other phone, I just press *. Doing this keeps my call log through GV synced no matter if I use Skype on the iPhone or my regular phone. This is important for me because like I said, GV is the only number I give out so ALL my communication goes through it.

    The only hickup in the entire equation is for SMS -- none of the GV apps for iPhone currently have Push for SMS. GV Connect is supposedly launching that soon though. And check this out --

    Once a GV app supports Push for SMS, my unactivated iPhone will be completely and fully functional everywhere I go with all my communication methods. Calls (in *and* out), texts (in *and* out), all from the same single GV number everyone already has. And the best part for those of you WITH fully activated phones, in case you haven't already caught on, is that it doesn't use a single minute of your voice plan. Extra data? Well, yeah... use wifi like you already are.

    For me, its the perfect solution. I don't have to have another bill ($85-$115/mo = $1400+ a year), I use the same number I've always used, and I use the Mifi card I already had for calls/texts/data everywhere I go away from an actual wifi hotspot. And that means no dropped calls or crappy data from ATT! <-- probably the best of all! lol

    Hope this inspires some of you!
  2. skipere

    skipere Member

    Thanks for the tips . But it so exhausting.
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  4. Tinman

    Tinman Evangelist

    Holy crap that is a lot of work for not that much savings. I pay about $115 for my at&t bill--with tax--and that is for data and unlimited text too (around 4,000 texts per month). My iPhone is my MiFi (via MyWi) for my iPad and/or laptop if I have them with me.

    If I need to--for Canada mostly--I make free calls using google voice because my google voice number is in my at&t A list. As a backup I have Whistle Phone lol.

    But anyway, congrats on getting it all to work.

  5. iP5

    iP5 Evangelist

    The funny thing is Verizon + GV + Skype + Incredible/N1 are a natural fit and you can sell the Mifi since Froyo's got you covered there.

    Actually, I pay only $20 for 6GB/month so am itching for GV to come to Canada.

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  6. gary_hendricks

    gary_hendricks New Member

    Nice tips! I've not set up Skype with my iPhone and this is a good starting point.
  7. Santa

    Santa Evangelist

    I've been thinking of doing something like this. Great overview.

    This approach comes out to be $66/yr. I travel a lot internationally and this would give me unlimited incoming/outgoing calls via either wifi or a local SIM with data.
  8. iP5

    iP5 Evangelist

    If you've an iPhone 4, then don't forget to buy a uSIM cutter for travel. A tiny compromise really for the privilege of having Jobs wisdom in your pocket.

    Cause he made it a generation ahead of the competition. What with the CPU, oh wait; the battery, oh, hmmm; the ram, oh, no; I know, the radio & cam, ummm. I remember now, the pretty antennae required more space than available with a standard SIM.

    Fortunately as I hear it, he'll do away with a uSIM in the ip5 altogether. So we can buy the softSIM from itunes in countries and carriers approved by the wisdom of Jobs. Gives me a special warm fuzzy knowing big brother has my back.

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  9. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    That would be a hassle and more expensive than my current plan. I pay AT&T $86 per month (including tax) for unlimited texting and data and 450 minutes. I have free tethering and can use Skype and FaceTime on 3G.
  10. Maketso

    Maketso Member

    In-the-icloset, a question about your background item 4.

    I pay $60 per month for Verizon mifi but can only get 5 gigs. Are you aware of any special condition which allows you the 10 gigs? I would gladly pay $20 more!
  11. Santa

    Santa Evangelist

    yes, the funky SIM sucks.
  12. Tinman

    Tinman Evangelist

    I'm with you Europa. More importantly, I have used Skype and other voip apps and the quality and reliability is just not the same in my opinion--not for the reliability that I need from my main phone. I also can make calls if I am out of 3G coverage.... or even any data coverage at all (it happens). Ditto for texting. Many times when out on the road between cities I lose data but not voice and text.

  13. fasethanation

    fasethanation New Member

    That's so dope

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