iPhone 4 Stuck on Finishing Sync

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Michael Baturin, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Michael Baturin

    Michael Baturin Evangelist

    I just synced my iPhone to my PC after a while of not syncing and it has been on finishing sync for around 2 hours now. Anyone know what I can do?
  2. Michael Baturin

    Michael Baturin Evangelist

    I must have the worst luck with this. So I am syncing my iPad 2. The first time I tried, it froze and forced me to close down iTunes mid-sync. When I relaunched and plugged in iPad 2, it started loading the rest of the songs. It is now hanging at Finishing sync for about 2 hours. One weird thing is the capacity graph at the bottom shows just 4GB taken away due to apps and nothing else. Not the 7000 photos, 5000 songs etc...

    Guess I will ask again, can anyone help? Last time with the iPhone 4 i had to restore.
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  4. Nessaj

    Nessaj New Member

    Itunes may crush due to lack of RAM. Probably your PC need to be scanned for virus.
  5. partizan

    partizan Member

    I had the same issue with a couple of my iDevices. For me all I did was delete the iPhone Photo Cache from the Folder where my synced pictures are located.
  6. Michael Baturin

    Michael Baturin Evangelist

    Yeah I think it was because my PC crashed during first sync. Unplugged, replugged, and after the validating iPad step everything cleared up. Thanks for the help on this dinosaur of a thread.

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