iPhone 4 will only turn on when it gets hot?


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Jun 11, 2015
Hi. I a problem of not being able to turn on my iPhone 4. The story is different. One day the phone got turned off all of sudden. The next day I kept my dead phone in my pocket & walking in streets.

After 1hour of walking in 40 degree weather i tried to turn it on...suddenly it turned on as usual. Then i observed that it is turning on only after it gets heated up.....Then onwards I used to switch it on only after heating it under the sun light...

The main problem is it won't turn on normal room temperature & it gets turn off when it gets cooled.

Steps I've tried :

1) I plugged in charger cable to phone & tried to turn it on using power button & even force boot also

2) Charged it for more than 4 hours continuously

I can't get the problem what it is causing to do it like that.....

Please help me get rid of this..

Thanks in advance!
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