iPhone 4S Picture Thread

The amazing shadowbox made by guys at the FD & given to me at my retirement party. Custom ax with our patch logo & years of service, plaque with my Badge, name tag, collar brass & awards medals/bars. The flag was flown over my station on my last shift. Not the best photo and it's not even on the wall yet but I just had to show this off! Amazing family I have at the FD!


Some pics I took with the 4S while on vacation in Canada.

The obligatory ever-original sunrise/sunset over a lake pics, naturally (but I still never get tired of seeing it).


(well, not quite sunrise, the sun was well up in the sky for those two. But yeah. As close to sunrise as I can get up for :p)


One kind of cool effect I saw on the water, out on the boat just before a storm hit:

One my brother took with my 4S of the crack of dawn. I was too tired to get up that early to take that, and he hadn't gone to sleep yet, so he borrowed my phone to go do it himself :p