iPhone 4S Review


Sep 7, 2010
Need to straighten your clock on the wall. :D
May not be a bad idea to not have the clock behind you, as watching the minute hand go back and forth in time shows the editing timeline.
Confused, time is going backward or this clip shot in Australia. Thought it was only the toilet flush thing that did that.

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Nov 22, 2011
Like iPhone 3gs did back in the days to the 3f ,the ihphone 4s bubs the iPhone 4 down to 2nd position while keeping it for sale on lower price.apple says iPhone 4s is the most amazing phjone ever? what do u all think? is it?


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
As per the expectation, the sales record did not reached its peaks and this is certainly a great point of disappointment.
Moreover, the huge price range is also a big factor that is making people simply turn away from buying such a phone.
It's sold out everywhere and Apple set records for pre-orders.

Irrespective of introduction of some new features in the phone, it does not create a spirit of newness.
I'd agree with that. That doesn't make it less of a phone. Like the 4 before it, it's an incredibly good phone.


Nov 23, 2007
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I'll add my brief impressions after 2 weeks of ownership:

Coming from a 3gs, I much prefer the squarer feel of the body.

The camera improvement is amazing!

I believe Siri is something that will be continually developed and improved, and will eventually revolutionize how we use smartphones. As it stands, every day I learn something else it can do to improve my user experience. Goofing around with funny questions was fun but that wore off for me, and now it's a sometimes very useful tool with tons of upside potential. When it's able to open apps I'll use it a LOT more.

Best improvement for me is the ability to speak texts and e-mails and not have to type them all out. The voice recognition is a Godsend and works pretty well, although not perfect; I still have to frequently go back and manually edit words it misunderstood. Still WAY better than typing everything, and again, will improve with time. A few years back I paid about $200 for VR software for my computer, hoping to cut down on my 2-finger typing, but was never able to get it to work at any practical level. This is already light-years ahead of that!

Battery life may be a little less, but for me it's been livable. Again, I'm sure this will get worked out.

I wish the GPS worked like my Garmin. I haven't had much use for it- I'm used to seeing moving progress much easier, and getting voice turning instructions. Better than nothing, but confusing. Maybe I just need to use it more.

Also wish it was more compatible with accessories- like the ones I use with my iPod. With most of them I get 'not compatible' messages. Hate the idea of having to but everything all over again just to please the 4s...

Overall, I love the thing. On the whole, for me, it blows away anything Droid I've used. Over the course of all my iPhones it has become commonplace that the updates make huge improvements to an already amazing device, and I expect that to be the case here- I can't wait to see what's next! As it stands it's a great device, as helpful as it is entertaining. Not perfect, but nothing is; but well worth the cost!


Oct 4, 2011
A Siri tip:

If you say 'Wikipedia this', this being any subject. it will open up that topic in Wikipedia automatically provided that there is a Wikipedia page for that topic.
Thanks for the nice tip, its such an amazing tip, I 've always have problem opening the Wikipedia, as its main page is already so heavy to open on an iPhone, in short, Siri made my day, so did your tip! :)

And whose the person who say iPhone 4S is not sexy? Specially the white one is so eye appealing.

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Aug 16, 2011
The iPhone4S is a great phone and the more you use it, the more things you'll find to help make your daily routine easier. I finally enabled iCloud and on a recent trip, walking through a conference each day, sometimes using my iPhone4s and sometime using my ipad2, I was able to continually update the same document which was kept in synch across both devices via iCloud. Prior to using iCloud, this would have meant using two separate files on the two different devices and having to manually synchronize them after the fact, a needless step

Again, I've found nothing but great things using the iPhone4s. And for those upset that it doesn't have 4G, I really don't see the need! Apple should be in no hurry to launch an LTE iPhone (possibly the iPhone5). Over Christmas, you couldn't find an iPhone4s in most places because they were all backordered. Operators couldn't keep them on their shelves because they were selling so fast. So if Apple has such a thriving businesss on their 3G iPhone, I see no hurry for them to get to a 4G version. Granted, operators like VZW will push for it, but as we know, Apple doesn't push easily. My guess is we'll see a flavor of the iPad in LTE sometime soon, but I wouldn't hold my breath for the LTE iPhone anytime early in 2012.


Jan 1, 2012
This is my first iPhone 4s and I really like it a lot.
Been a Nokia and Blackberry user for years but the iPhone is the best phone yet i have owned.
The Siri feature is great but i like icloud feature more. The ability to SYNC to the rest of the Apple gears is fantastic!
Camera is great, super convenient to take a snap shot and send as email or imessage.
Also like a lot 3rd party apps like Viber & Whats App.
Battery life is not the greatest as many have stated but its livable. A bigger screen would be nice but current screen is suffice.
Looking forward to the next iPhone in a few months time... Should be awesome.
Just like the iPad and macbook PRO, i will always have an iPhone with me as part of my businesss arsenal.
Superb job, Apple!


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Feb 15, 2012
The 4s is ok, small noticeable differences with the 4 -- but Siri just cannot get my Irish accent, some work to be do with the voice recognition software


With all the new applications available, one can definitely improve his iPhone experience. This is a great review by the way.