iPhone 5 malware / advertising how to get rid of?


New Member
Aug 17, 2015

Since 2 days my iPhone 5 (jb) has been infected with some malware that keeps running adds and commercials every now and then when I'm in an app.

It's never on the home or lockscreen but it is in every app (paid/free) now. I probably downloaded something from a bad repo or messed up something with SSH but the obvious question is how I can get rid of it without restoring to defaults.

I tried erasing cache, ran iCleaner and tried deleting some tweaks and apps I installed recently but I can't pinpoint the culprit (if still possible at all at this time).

The commercials don't come with a regular interval but every now and then and it's a drag ofcourse.

Anyone have any ideas how to go about this without completely whiping my phone?

Btw. Till now I haven't been able to SSH into my phone. I did install OpenSSH and changed the rootpassword but for some reasons both PuTTY and Filezilla give me an 'access denied' error.
I tried several things but to no avail. Probably a different topic but nevertheless worth mentioning since a solution using SSH isn't possible at this time.