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Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by Cjvdh, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Cjvdh

    Cjvdh Zealot

    Has anyone else been experienced the purple haze effect on there photos? I'm working on my 2nd iphone 5 from apple already and this one still has the same issue as the previous one. Suggestions
  2. Iloveiphones

    Iloveiphones Genius

    Welcome back!!!

    True story, I took a pic with my 5 and our old 4 and they both had the purple haze and its natural.

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  4. Cjvdh

    Cjvdh Zealot

    Thanks for the warm welcome back ive been really busy lately working. I am glad to hear that this issue is not something new then! I never had this issue with any of my iPhone's dating all the way back to 2007 however when I phoned apple they told me that it was a design flaw with the camera system and that engineers are working on a fix. It's weird because it's not every picture it seems to be maybe 1 picture out of 40 taken which isn't bad at all.
  5. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    Where you been, son!
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  6. Cjvdh

    Cjvdh Zealot

    Ive been around ... but I still don't know how to use the search function :(

    Thanks for posting that link
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  7. The purple haze is a known issue on iPhones as well as Android phones. Exchanges aren't going to help. It's a characteristic of the hardware.
  8. Cjvdh

    Cjvdh Zealot

    Thanks Nap!

    How do I change my signature ... it's been awhile
  9. Currently, you can't.
  10. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    Good ole Jimi Hendrix, at it again.

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  11. Or Zappa doing it. One of my faves.

  12. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    I'm actually surprised Apple gave you a second iP5 considering it's a known issue, and one that has been acknowledged by Apple! You're must have a Genius Bar (and an Apple Store manager) that really wanted to get you out of there ASAP. Was it near closing time when you went?
  13. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    Lets not go there! lol
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  14. Iloveiphones

    Iloveiphones Genius

    Haha! That's funny.

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  15. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius


    This is over my head... Have you gotten away with similar issues for handset exchanges? The little scratches and scuffs don't count... those would be major issues in my book. But if if it's none of my business don't hesitate to tell me...
  16. All I'm going to say here is - do a search.
  17. Cjvdh

    Cjvdh Zealot

    No I didn't get it from apple I just purchased my iP5 roughly 2 weeks ago from radio shack when we signed up for sprint. When I first noticed the issue I called apple about it and I told her on the phone that I was going to go the radio shack route first but she told me over the phone that if that did not work (which it did) that apple would replace it.
  18. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    It's not too bad!

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  19. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Contributor

    Did someone say Purple Hayes? Lol

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  20. Cjvdh

    Cjvdh Zealot

    I know this off topic but I didn't want to create another thread ... does anyone have the new Spigen GLAS.tr for the iP5? If so how is the fitment? I have the otterbox commuter and I want to make sure it's "case friendly" the youtube video's just don't do it justice.

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