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Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by Susie4444, Oct 12, 2013.

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    Hi, i bought 2 iPhone 5's for me and my ex-partner last year. Now we have split up i am trying to delete and erase his phone back to factory settings so i can sell it on. The problem is it asks for his Apple ID password which i do not have and he is unwilling to give to me. Is there any way i can restore the phone back to factory settings without this? I have the original box and credit card receipt showing i purchased them but not sure a Apple i store would help as its synced to his Apple account? any ideas on how to get around this would be great. Thank you
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    Sounds like it has iOS 7 on it. That's one of the new security features in that version. You have to turn off Find my phone, which requires your AppleID to accomplish before you can do a factory restore. :(
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    As stated by roofmonkey, you cannot restore it without that password. It's a new theft-deterrent feature in iOS 7. You could restore it if it was still on iOS 6. I would contact Apple. They might be able to help you since you have proof that you purchased this iPhone. Please post back and let us know if they can help you bypass the password.

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