iPhone 5 VS 5S Benchmarks

Discussion in 'iPhone 5S' started by IllusionEntity, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Hey Guys!

    I hope most of you have had good luck this year!
    I picked up a Gold 32GB model at my local Apple store this year. I got one of two in stock...

    Anyway I have just run benchmarks on both my iPhone 5 and 5S. Here are the specs!

    iPhone 5:

    Model: iPhone 5,2
    iOS 7.0
    Apple A6 @ 1.30GHz
    1016MB Memory.

    iPhone 5S:

    Model: iPhone 6,2
    iOS 7.0.1
    ARM @ 1.29GHz
    And Apparently 1000MB Memory...

    iPhone 5 Benchmark:

    Single-Core Score - 722
    Multi-Core Score - 1300

    iPhone 5S Benchmark:

    Single-Core Score - 1410
    Multi-Core Score - 2559

    As you can see. I would say the 5S blows the iPhone 5 away.

    I hope you guys enjoy your iPhones! The camera is amazing this year also. Not to mention that the TouchID sensor works flawlessly.

    I'm Happy and then some!
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  2. Matt

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    Wow! impressive numbers! I just picked up a space grey 32 gig. So far I'm very happy with my purchase!
  3. Rafagon

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    Is that what Geekbench said, verbatim?

    "And Apparently 1000MB Memory..."?

    Congrats! I got my 32-gigglebyte white this morning at the Apple Store in Lincoln Mall in Miami Beach, FL.

    Camped out from approximately 3:45PM yesterday until opening time today. Was #11 in line or thereabouts (it fluctuated a bit, but not much). Was interviewed by various TV stations and was on at least two or three newscasts, in both English and Spanish. (Will share link if I find myself online...)
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  4. Napoleon PhoneApart

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  5. Sharunda

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    CONGRATS @Rafagon! Glad you got it! Enjoy and give us the good the bad and the ugly on this new sweetheart! We want pics too!

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