iPhone 5 will release three versions?

Oct 24, 2010
Denver, CO
I can't really see Apple dropping 3 brand new iPhones all at once and abandoning their successful businesss plan and go with flooding the market with multiple handsets (beside color) like HTC, Samsung and Motorolla.
Dec 17, 2008

They have the 3GS, iPhone 4, (3.5")and what ever new one they come out with.(4")

That's the 3 they'll have.

I am all ready planning on being disappointed. The iOS is great but the hardware features will be ones that have already been on an Android phone...4" screen? I want 4.5".
8 MP? Why not 12MP or a Zeis lens? 2 led's old news.

I am finally satisfied enough with my iPhone 4 that only the bigger screen will make me upgrade. My wife and I are both having a lot of trouble reading on the small screen. (Too many apps that don't have pinch to zoom)(Like the icafe app!)Anything else is gravy. Hspa+ would be a nice surprise but not if Att tries to downgrade my unlimited plan to get it.

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