iPhone 5 wont get past Apple logo after Jailbreak! HELP!

Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by rgs3, Feb 5, 2013.

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    I installed the Jailbreak yesterday and it went smoothly. Today, after installing a few apps my phone will not get to the homescreen. Its stuck in a boot loop. I tried to hold the power button and home button to reset it but this doesn't help any. GV Phone Extension was the last thing I installed and it was reported to be compatible.

    Anybody else having this issue? I might have to restore, however that will take a few hours since my backup is a computer at work.
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    I've had the issue a couple of times.

    Here is how I fixed it/got it to boot:
    Hold power/home at the same time, release when it goes completely off. Plug into computer and let the computer usb 'power on' the iPhone.

    Might be a small bug but the above has worked for me.

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