iPhone 5c Buying Issues - Need Pro Tech Help

Discussion in 'iPhone 5C' started by Khrysos, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Khrysos

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    Nov 17, 2014
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    Maybe someone here has an idea of what has happened here...
    I recently purchased FOUR Brand New Sealed iPhone 5c's - 8GB - Verizon (CRAIGSLIST buy)
    Thought maybe I'd resell 2, keep 2 for gifts (got them fairly inexpensive).
    These are the ones that come in the plastic sealed case with the clear plastic top (5c)
    - Opened one of them (100% brand new & sealed)
    - After I went through the set up steps (i skipped location, siri, iCloud), the cell activated itself & actually had a phone number in Settings>Phone>
    - Brought it to Radio Shack, manager checked Serial #'s of all four iPhones (CLEAN, not missing/stolen- afterall, all four of these were definitely NEW)
    - Said maybe somewhere, a Verizon store may have entered wrong info and made this iPhone connected
    - He said he thinks I am okay, simply selling or giving them as gifts if I just take out the SIM
    - The phone was able to make calls!
    - I never unwrapped/opened the other 3

  2. Ledsteplin

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    Oct 29, 2013
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    So all it is, is the carrier connection with the SIM card? No issue with any iCloud ID or passcode? If so, it sounds as if someone stuck a SIM card in it to check it out. Then forgot to remove it. And just because they were sealed in plastic doesn't mean they were new. Scammers have been doing it for years. But I really don't know "WHY" this happened!

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  3. Khrysos

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    Nov 17, 2014
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    I actually resold them, so I will find out soon enough if they're any issues.
    I stated to buyers-" may have to use your own SIM card or a new SIM card, as one of these activated itself and was able to make calls. I had manager at Radio Shack run all the serial numbers and nothing fishy notified him"
    When I opened the one, I skipped passed iCloud setup, as I just wanted to make sure everything looked okay.
    I'll check back in soon to update my post.

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