iPhone 5s is not detected in PC

Discussion in 'iPhone 5S' started by Praneeth Subudhi, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Praneeth Subudhi

    Praneeth Subudhi New Member

    Nov 26, 2013
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    My iPhone is not detected in any PC/laptop.

    My iPhone asks me the Trust or Don't Trust prompt.

    In spite of clicking on Trust, my iPhone is neither detected in my PC/laptop (Windows) nor on MacBook.
  2. MrMike6by9

    MrMike6by9 Evangelist

    Nov 16, 2008
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    Have you tried a "genuine" Apple cable to be certain your current cable isn't defective. Also make certain your USB port has sufficient power to charge your phone. Does the phone chime when connected?
  3. Ken Londri

    Ken Londri New Member

    Oct 20, 2015
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    Check your connectivity settings first or try it with another cable, if still not working try to factory reset, and if still no change is happening, bring it to a service center to have it checked.

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