iPhone 5s r-sim international SMS charges?


New Member
Jun 14, 2015
Hi,I am using a Europe blacklisted iPhone 5s locked to o2 england with telenor Bulgaria via r-sim mini 2.So everything is fine except the thing that sometimes the activation screen pops up on its own or when i restart the phone or when using airplane mode and when i reactivate the iPhone i receive some weird sms's from +90 11 with text: service ESMEs_SMPPgw11 is avalible! and I noticed that im gettin some charges on my bill.I called the carrier and it got clear that my iphone keeps sending some international messages and the ones i recieve are some sort of notifications for completion or something,each charged 18st. BGR which equals 10lv BGR already after 40msgs sent.
Both iMessage and Facetime are turned off but it keeps doing it.Please help me,I don't wanna sell the phone i really like it. I bought it blacklisted!!